Re: Change mouse pointer to hourglass?

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 00:21, Daniel Kasak wrote:
Is there any way to change the pointer to an hourglass?

Yes, use


For example:

 my $window = Gtk2::Window -> new();
 $window -> show_all();
 $window -> window -> set_cursor(Gtk2::Gdk::Cursor -> new("watch"));

I've got another issue now.
The mouse pointer change only takes effect *after* the rest of my code ( that the user is waiting for, hence the hourglass ) has finished.

I assume this has something do with with gtk only doing updates in 'idle' cycles. I found the following post in the archives that talks about something like this:

So, can I do something like this?

# turn on hourglass

Glib::Timeout->add (20, sub {
# do some stuff
# turn off hourglass
   return 0

Can I be assured that the code will only run once, or can it be triggered again before the 1st run is completed?

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