Re: Re: SpanishTutorials

Glenn Pringle said:
I also tried browsing the webCVS(Browse CVS) thingy but I get
"Bad Gateway".

Is there something I'm not aware of or do i need to go an read the CVS how to
again :-)

according to , it's a
"Partial Outage In-Progress".

it has been in-progress since at least sunday, as i had to remove the
unresponsive CVS url from the freshmeat project listing in order to get the
1.054 announcement to go out.

ssh access doesn't appear to be affected, just anonymous pserver access (which
the web viewer interface uses).  i'll get a tarball to you (offlist, to avoid
stale urls in the archives ;-).

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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