Re: SpanishTutorials

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 14:05, Glenn Pringle wrote:
  Hello Fellow List Memebers

My name is Glenn Pringle and I have been tinkering with GTK-perl for a couple of days and I find it very 
useful. So I decided to join the mailing list.

I noticed that there is no Spanish tutorial on the documentation section. I would like to work on the the 
Spanish tutorial if hasn't been started or help out whoever is currently doing it.

Please advice me on what steps I need to take in order to get started.

sorry for the delay in answering this, but i was hoping one of the
tutorial guys would respond, but i suspect that both of them are away.
(otherwise they're pretty quick to answer.) 

i'm sure they'd be happy to have some one help and translate.
unfortunately i don't necessarily know exactly where to tell you to
start. the current tutorial is in cvs with the module name
gtk2-perl-tutorial. i would assume that you would copy
gtk2-perl-tut.sgml and translate things in there. anyone that knows
better feel free to correct me. 

hopefully emmanuele will be able to respond with better info soon, i
just didn't want to leave you hanging.


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