Re: Filename encoding in FileChooser

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Ross McFarland wrote:

Ross McFarland said:
Daniel Flemming said:

When a FileChooser or FileChooserDialog widget returns filenames with
non-ASCII characters, what encoding does it use? Is it Unicode?

    perldoc Glib
and look for filename_from_unicode.

actually you probably want filename_to_unicode which goes from whatever the
filename encoding is to perl unicode string (if i'm not mistaken.)

Hmmm, that's interesting reading, and relevant, but it doesn't really
answer my question. :) I have a FileChooserDialog set to
GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SAVE, and I read its filename with a get_filename
method call after running it with a run method call. What I want to know
is, what encoding is put into the resulting scalar (from the get_filename
call)? I thought it was probably Unicode because that's what gtk uses in
general, and also the resulting filenames kinda looked like Unicode. But I
wanted to make sure.
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