Re: win32 :( ?

On Aug 10, 2004, at 5:22 PM, zgrim wrote:

GladeXML.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
_gtk2perl_new_gtkobject referenced in function

win32 dlls do not allow unresolved symbols at link time, and this is the cause of all your pain. gtk2perl_new_gtkobject is defined in the Gtk2.dll installed with the Gtk2 module. there's code at the end of Gtk2's Makefile.PL to find Glib.lib (the linking library for Glib.dll) at compile time for the same reason. i would've sworn i'd added the same kind of code to GladeXML's Makefile.PL, but apparently i got sidetracked trying to abstract it to avoid copying code all over the place.

basically, you can grab the find_extra_libs() function from the end of Makefile.PL?rev=1.90&view=markup and add a check for Gtk2.lib (you still need Glib.lib). that same file should give you an idea of how to use it.

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