Re: more fun with treeview

using multiple cellrenderers how do I get the second "row" into the cell?
muppet wrote:

B McAndrews said:
What I'm looking at doing is something like this in a treeview:

| row1  | v1     v2|  ...
|       | v3     v4|  ...

where v1-v4 are placed inside a cell at the corners.  It looks like I
could do this with a slight variation of muppet's CellRenderMultiline,
but I'd really would like to see if the data values (v1-v4) can be
directly tied to a model data value.

would not multiple cell renderers per column do the trick?   even though
they're in the same TreeViewColumn the cell renderers can get their data from
any column in the model they please.

you could even use a custom cell data function to fetch and format the values,
but i think multiple renderers would serve more nicely, because you could set
one renderer to be left-justified and the other to be right-justified....

Brian McAndrews
bmcandrews efs-us com

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