Re: Question about Treeview/SimpleList

Cool - I didn't see that columns are the appropriate objects to work
with in this case, seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it works.
I tried this code:

  for (0..$#headers) {

It does what I want, except for a bunch of errors:
  Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to sort on invalid type GPerlSV

All my columns are defined with ctype 'scalar' since it is dynamic data.
When I tested it with columns of types 'text' and 'int' it worked
without errors.

An other strange error appeared when I by tried to use ctype 'string':
  unknown column type string, use one of scalar, double, bool, int, 
  text, string, hidden, pixbuf at line 35

Anyway, the combination glade/gtk2/perl is just sooo good to work with -
thx :))
   )   (       Jaap Karssenberg || Pardus [Larus]
   :   :
 )  \ /  (    
 ",.*'*.,"     Proud owner of "Perl6 Essentials" 1st edition :)

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