Gnome2::GConf beta

Hi all.

I've a working binding for the GConf library, in order to use GConf with
Perl.  It's in beta, since it has basic functionalities (well, enough to
use GConf for maybe 80/90% of its normal usage), and it requires testing
(lots, since it has some "hot spots", like lists and pairs, that I'd like
to verify and "cool down" a little).

Here's the tar:

For installing it, just untar, then:
        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        su -c "make install"

[ the tarball includes a porting of the basic-gconf-app that ships with
GConf sources ].

For those who have already used GConf in C, some considerations about
GConfValue and GConfEntry do apply, but I've documented them.  Any
question may be sent here or in private mail.

Many thanks to muppet for his views about this binding.


WARNING: This binding requires GConf >= 2.2.0 (which is used by GNOME 2,
and on my Debian SID).  I'm not very keen on requiring a previous
version, since GNOME 2.4 is already out, and so is GConf 2.4.0, but if
the internals are not changed that much, I could think about it.


Emmanuele Bassi (Zefram)       [ ]
GnuPG Key fingerprint = 4DD0 C90D 4070 F071 5738  08BD 8ECC DB8F A432 0FF4

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