Re: Gtk2-Perl API documentation project

 --- Gavin Brown <gavin brown uk com> a écrit :
lots and lots of people want it and nobody really thinks it's a bad
idea, it's just a lot of work, and somewhat of a duplication of effort.

I have to say I agree with all those points. I think that I while back
we discussed the possibility of manipulating gtk-doc data to generate
this stuff automatically - any more thoughts on that? Otherwise Ross is
setting himself up for a job that'll never be done.

i don't think Ross is setting himself for this job, at least, he shouldn't.
i think it has to be a collective effort, or that it shouldn't happen.
it's not only my opinion, it is also what i felt in ross' email.

concerning a possible gtk-doc modif, i'm somewhat out of context...
are you talking about the doc generated from the PODs using gtk-doc ?
or are the gtk-doc simply the documented C APIs ?

in either way, it'd surely be nice if the most part was automagically generated.


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