Re: gtk-gtk2 migration problems...

Bruno Boettcher said:
i put the script i am actually working on onto

on running the script gives me:
  Odd number of elements in anonymous hash at ./ line 306.

'Load' => {
    callback => ui_load($kernel),
    #callback_action => 1,

the call back has to be a reference to a sub-routine or one that is defined
inline. you have callback being set to the return value of a subroutine call.
all of the callbacks in that section need to be something like:

the ulgy way, but maybe a little simplier, there are some issues here that
have to do with perl scoping and references, take a look at man perlref and
the other related man pages, they're essential knowledge for any perl
    callback => sub { un_load($kernel); },

the better solution is to provide the $kernel and $heap parameters as user
data. so each call back would be "callback => \&un_load," etc. and you would
my $menu = Gtk2::SimpleMenu->new (
                menu_tree => \ menu_tree,
                user_data => [ $kernel, $heap ],

un_load would then have have as it's first paramert a two element array ref.
see the problem below is closely related to the user data stuff mentioned
here. take a look at the faq entry about user data pointed to below.

  *** unhandled exception in callback:
  ***   Usage: signal_connect(instance, detailed_signal, callback,
      data=NULL) at ./ line 748.
  ***  ignoring at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.0/POE/Loop/ line

the second error at line 748 is becuase you're passing two user data varaibles
where only one is accepted. there's a entry in the faq about it,


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