gtk-gtk2 migration problems...


since a nice guy finally made an adaptation of Gtk2 for POE i am
trying to migrate my progs to use Gtk2.... and have several

i put the script i am actually working on onto

on running the script gives me: 
  Odd number of elements in anonymous hash at ./ line 306.
  *** unhandled exception in callback:
  ***   Usage: signal_connect(instance, detailed_signal, callback,
      data=NULL) at ./ line 748.
  ***  ignoring at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.0/POE/Loop/ line

for the odd number of elements i have not the faintest idea what that
means, the hash looks perfectly well to me... anyway that doesn't seem
to stop the program....

i am wondering why the callbacks to all ui functions seem to be called,
but for the moment i am more wondering about the signal_connect error,
cause its on this line:

  $button->signal_connect( 'clicked', \&delseries,

which seems perfectly genuine to me???

ciao bboett
bboett adlp org

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