Re: Subclassing Gtk2::CellRenderer

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 07:43, Bjarne Steinsbø wrote:
Thanks a lot, muppet.  You're confirming my most pessimistic 
suspicions.  I took at quick look at the xs code (and even some gtk+ 
code) and I'm now starting to get a glimmer of understanding (and 
appreciation) of the magic that goes on to make the perl interface work 
so well as it does.

Still, wouldn't it be nice to be able to do anything you can do in C in 
perl as well?  Not necessarily making it simple to do in perl, but at 
least possible?  Some additional magic during code generation, maybe?  
Exposing in special-purpose perl classes what you're doing your best to 
hide in the normal case?

you might want to look around and see if anyone has already got code for
what you're looking for. it seems like a reasonable common thing to do. 

either way you could totally implement the code in an XS files so you
wouldn't have to deal with the issues of installing a separate C library
and the wrappers for it. all of the C implementation would just go up at
the top, then a module line and the wrappers. in theory it shouldn't be
that hard to do, since you could use the existing combo widget, but once
again that's theory.


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