Re: GType::register RFE

i love replying to myself, it makes me look crazy.

Then I must look nuts!

muppet said:
sorry to beat a dead horse --- that's probably the fifth time i've said it,
but i feel like it's not coming out the way i want to.

Oh, no no, I'm just thick.  Sneaky, but thick. :)

I think my problem was that I didn't see how I could get access to the
ClassInfo structure given just the GType.  Of course, g_type_class_peek
does just that... had I known about this function, I (probably) would have
shut up earlier. ;)

[...snip proof...]
an implementation of that algorithm, and a sample program, and a t-directory
test version of the sample are attached.

looks like it contained a vestigal INIT_CLASS that won't be called.  bad
muppet, no cookie.

Well, other than that :), the code looks good, although I haven't had a
chance to actually test it yet (BTW, using GQuarks for marking GPerl types
was good... I should have thought of that :).  I'll test it out with the
GStreamer stuff tonight, though, and see how it works.

The only (incredibly minor) optimization I saw is that you can exclude
non-GPerl-created types when you're initially creating the type list,
rather than pruning them out later. *shrug*


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