Gtk2/Glib 1.012 released

the second beta along the road to 1.02 is out.

** Glib 1.012

This release includes the fix for the big memory leak mentioned last weekend. Despite the fact that this is a development beta, i strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this release because of this bugfix.

I also went ahead and put in the Glib::Boxed::copy method, because there's no testing like beta testing. I've been using this code for several months without problems, but my use may be limited; please report any problems asap.

Added a typemap for gunichar, which enables the binding of other functions downstream...

** Gtk2 1.012

Most if not all of the fixes mentioned on the list this week are included, along with an ever-increasing amount of API pod.

TreeIters can now search forward and backward by char and word, thanks to new gunichar typemaps (thanks, Torsten!).

Committed code i've had for several months implementing various things to do with Gtk2::RcStyle. I haven't really used it because i found an easier way to do what i was doing; let me know if you have any problems.

Use SvOK instead of SvTRUE all over the place to test definedness. Bjarne sent me a snippet of what gets produced by the preprocessor for SvTRUE and the amount of code was staggering; SvOK gets the job done much more succinctly (a dereference and bitmask, as opposed to a deeply nested ternary, in which we *always* took the longest branch).

also featured: ExtUtils::Depends 0.104, a purely janitorial release which adds license information and removes the debian packaging files (as discussed earlier this week).

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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