Re: build gtk2-1.011 on win32

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 16:49, Torsten Link wrote:

I have the problem to build the GTK-perl on my win32 environment.
I use the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 compiler.

The first problem is in the macro generated by the Makefile.PL

makefile(1193) : fatal error U1001: Syntax error: invalid character '+' in macro

1193  @$(MKPATH) tmp-$+/
1194  @$(CP) $+/*.* tmp-$+/
1195  @$(MOD_INSTALL) ./tmp-$+/ \
1196          $(PREFIX)/share/doc/perl-$(DISTNAME)/$+
1197  @$(RM_RF) tmp-$+/

if you look in Makefile.PL just above the section of postamble that adds
those rules there's a line that is don't add them unless we're not on

unless ($^O eq 'MSWin32') {
                $text .= "
# the tmp-xxx stuff is just so that only the pl files get installed
install-\%: %

what is in your $^0 var, it's it's not MSWin32? try 
$ perl 
print "$^0\n";

 I tried to replace the '+' with a '*' which seems to work (may be not correct, I have no glue about nmake 
or make)

that would be valid, but the paths into which the examples where being
installed would no longer be.


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