gtk-perl-xs and GnomeCanvas?

Lot's of thanks for the great progress with gtk-perl-xs. I was a bit
discouraged with the way that gtk-perl2 was setup, and I really feel
it has been taken care of with gtk-perl-xs. 

What I haven't managed to do yet, and I wonder if it is supported, is
to use the Gnome::Canvas. I can create a canvas object, but then I can't
access any member functions, like e.g. canvas->root().

Another issue that I have been started looking on is porting the Gimp::Perl
UI module to gtk-perl-xs for gimp-1.3. The Gimp::Fu::UI module makes
several inherited widgets in perl. Is that supported yet in gtk-perl-xs?
It looks like most of the framework is in place except the register_parameter()
function. Is that right?

Btw, I have only looked at the gtk-perl-xs beta version from muppets
home page. Have things perhaps been updated in ver 0.20/CVS?


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