Re: [gtk2-perl-xs] GladeXML example

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 09:01, René Seindal wrote:

Another thing I noted was that Gtk::GladeXML->new_from_memory() has
become Gtk2::GladeXML->new_from_buffer and it takes an extra argument
which is the length of the buffer.  That wasn't in the old interface and
it is probably redundant in a perl context, where the length of strings
is readily available.

hadn't looked at that function yet. it's now implemented as you suggest,
pretty much how gtk-perl did it. to get the changes cvs up.

I just updated from CVS and I can see there are some changes.  The
new_from_buffer issue is still there, though.

hopefully the updates you got addressed your issues with signals.

that only outstanding issue on the signal handling front is when
signal_connect_object is used. i'm not sure how to handle those
situations since signal_connect_object isn't in Glib, and maybe
rightfully so. it's going to take some thinking, which i'm not in the
mood to do at the moment.

other than that there's the custom widget stuff that seems to be halfway
implemented in gtk-perl. there's some code in it in xs, but i'm not sure
that it makes it through to perl in any usable way. anyone with thoughts
on this please share them. does anyone use glade2 with custom widgets?
should custom widget stuff even be attempted? 


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