Gtk2-Perl questions...

I had a couple of questions regarding the Gtk2 Perl bindings.  I'm looking
into implementing a set of GStreamer bindings, and because GStreamer uses
the GLib (object heirarchy, etc), it would be necessary for me to create
bindings for a lot of the GLib stuff.  However, the Gtk2 bindings already
do a lot of this (GObject, GSignal, etc), so it seems silly to
re-implement or copy this stuff.  So, my main question is, has there been
any talk of creating a separate GLib binding library, which could then be
shared by other packages like GStreamer and Gtk2?

Another question, I noticed on the site that you might switch to XS from
Inline.  I was wondering what the reasons were for this?  After having
looked at the Perl/Gtk stuff and comparing it to the Gtk2 bindings, it
seems the Inline approach is FAR cleaner.  Thus, I was thinking of
mirroring this approach for the GStreamer stuff (plus, I can reuse some of
your code).  However, I'd hate to go down that road only to find out that
there are serious drawbacks to the Inline approach.


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