Re: Gtk::HTML

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 21:21, Bruno Tavares wrote:
Well.. at least Gtk::XmHTML loads...
But i couldn't find any documentation... so i went in search of the holy
docs, and everything i found says to not use Gtk::XmHTML because its
deprecated. They sugest using GTK::Html. (I wish).

Any ideas ? (rawhide packages maybe??)

several portions of gtk-perl appear to have suffered bit-rot over the
last couple of years.  there was some discussion on the list last month,
started by a guy who tried to compile gtk-perl from source to get
GtkHTML, and in the end, after working around some Makefile.PL bugs
(5.8.0 breakage, actually) and other frustrations, it appeared that
recent versions of GtkHTML do not work with gtk-perl.  i believe a good
portion of this discussion happened on the list, so check the archives.

if you need bindings for current versions of GtkHTML, let us know;
gtk2-perl is under active development right now (preparing for another
release, as a matter of fact), and GtkHTML is not among the list of
bound libraries... but it could be.

i am of no further help, because i do not have cause to use Gtk::HTML.

good luck!

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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