Re: Gtk::HTML

Well.. at least Gtk::XmHTML loads...
But i couldn't find any documentation... so i went in search of the holy
docs, and everything i found says to not use Gtk::XmHTML because its
deprecated. They sugest using GTK::Html. (I wish).

Any ideas ? (rawhide packages maybe??)


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Hi there,
I'm new to the list so forgive me for any "already answered" question.

I am new to Gtk-perl and i am building an app that needs a html

I installed latest Gtk-perl RPM for redhat 9 but when i load Gtk::HTML
perl can not find it.
Is the Gtk::HTML a standalone module?? as far as i researched in CPAN
doesn't seem to be.


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It looks like RedHat only compiles Gtk::XmHTML.  Try that instead.

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