Re: gtk2-perl-xs

Ross McFarland said:

i would like to suggest making a development release of gtk2-perl-xs. or at
the very least having a discussion of the topic. i.e. figure out what needs
to be done before we would want to do so.

i'm all for it.  i've gone from the putting-in-features phase to the
using-the-hell-out-of-it phase and have found little missing function for
day-to-day use.  (then again, i'm only doing dialog-based applications right

before we can release, we need to rename the G module -- i believe Glib was
the most-supported name -- and ensure that the various modules build
independently.  they should be able to build independently, but still have a
lot of 'use blib' lines all over the place.

also, the utf8 support is still not in place.  christian borup volunteered
(provided he had time) a couple of weeks ago; any news, christian?  i can do
it if you haven't the time, but i'll need somebody to help me test it as i'm a
bumpkin in the US with no actual non-ascii text available.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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