Re: How does one get the X window ID of a window?

How does one access the X Window ID of a window created via

new Gtk::Window

I have a sub process I'd like to run which can reparent itself
to a passed in X Window ID.

the X id would come from the Gtk::Gdk::Window contained within the
Gtk::Widget, available as $gdkwindow = $gtkwidget->window.

   $xid = $gtkwidget->window->XWINDOW;

you are getting the id?  you may be able to do something like

   $new_parent = Gtk::Window->new_foreign ($xid_of_parent);

   $gtkwidget->reparent ($new_parent);

in Gtk 2.x (gtk2-perl-xs), it's easier to use the Gtk2::Plug and Gtk2::Socket.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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