Re: Diff gtk-perl gtk1-perl gtk2-perl

Good afternoon,

Thank you very much. I will have to start somewhere to learn but atleast i 
know what is what (i hope). 

Bharat Pondugula

Quoting Guillaume Cottenceau <gc mandrakesoft com>:

BHARAT zonnet nl writes:

Good morning all,

I am a newbie to the gtk env. I see different types of gtk?perl. 
gtkperl from, gtk2-perl, perl gnome 2 from sourceforge. 
Could any of you guys give me directions as what is the difference and
is the best starting point for me to start out (in terms of 

examples etc).

gtkperl ( wraps the gtk+-1.x API in Perl. The
Good: it's nice, rather complete, efficient, proved stable, kinda
well documented, many code examples exist. The Bad: gtk+-1.x is

gtk2-perl ( wraps the gtk+-2.x API in Perl. The
Good: gtk+-2.x is maintained and has significant advantages over
gtk+-1.x, it's not complete but already features probably all
what gtk+ users need 99% of the times (and when users tell us
that a given function misses, we're here to add it rather
quickly). The Bad: it's still under development and not very
extensively documented.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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