Re: [gtk2-perl] documentation/evolution

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 13:18, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
David Banks <amoe users sourceforge net> writes:

It'd be very handy to have pod documentation
detailing the intricacies of each widget, so the user didn't
have to look at the GTK reference manual and mentally

this is a noble goal.  another complication with the gtk+-1.2 perl
bindings is that a couple of non-standard modules are required for
building the documentation, and last i checked, the documentation does
not appear to be shipped in most of the common distribution rpms.  i
fear that many people don't even know of the existence of Gtk::reference
and Gtk::objects.

[GC's wise statements about what a maintenance nightmare binding 
would be]

PyGTK has run into this same problem, and has taken pretty much the same
stance as both old and new gtk-perl.

of course, this doesn't address the needs of perl-literate coders who
don't know C.

Anyway, just some ideas.  It's a lovely package.  (Are you
responsible for Frozen-Bubble as well?  That's brilliant.) 

Yes, I'm the main programmer of Frozen-Bubble. Thanks for your

i was not aware of this!

/me bows to GC

my wife and i are eternally indebted to you for the soothing properties
of that incredibly addicting game.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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