Re: Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

so this is a probelm :) You have some "illegal" or non-standard english
chars in the .glade file! The last error message show it's position:

line 240 and column 30

fix it in the glade source and then try to libglade-convert again!

very nice!
now that I've changed the "²" to "2" it works!
the only thing is that I get few warning messages [where "3" can take a diff. value] :
"widget convertwidget3 of class GtkList is broken."

On the first look, when opening my new interface, the only thing that looks weird is the
GtkMenuBar. In File, the item is gtk-quit. in Edit, the item is gtk-properties and in Help, the
item is gnome-stock-about. 

Another weird thing is that the GtkEntry[ies] did not keep their value (Text).
But it's not much to put them back by hand if it's the only hassle.

Everything else looks okay... my signals are there, the properties 

I'd guess the next steps is to convert any Gnome and Gtk parts to Gnome2 and Gtk2 code...
that includes modifying any code using GtkList.


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