Re: accessing selected item from OptionMenu

On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 06:34:37PM +0100, Chris Phillips wrote:
you didn't mention whether you were using gtk-perl or gtk2-perl, so i've
answered for both.

sorry, gtk2 of course... thought you might have rememebered me from a few 
days ago... 
gtk+-2.x adds the incredibly useful gtk_option_menu_get_history function. 
recall that gtk_option_menu_set_history has always been the way to set which
item in the menu is selected --- get_history tells you the index of the one
that is selected.

so, in gtk2-perl, that would be INTEGER = $optionmenu->get_history.

erm... ok... i'm already *using* set_history... i feel stupid - no suprise 
there then. that is only the position though, not the label string or any 
other data associated with the item.

You can get the menu of an optionmenu.  I use this bit of code:

    my $menu = $optionmenu->get_menu;
    my $data = $menu->get_active->get_data('data') if ($menu);

get_active() gives you the menu item, and I set some user-data on it to
indicate what the item represents.

as for the ItemFactory use, I got as far as getings signals through the 
entries, and finally gave up when I kept getting invalid path errors for 
the accelgroup... nevermind.


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