Re: Wierd error when activating an Entry

From: muppet

I get:
GtkClipboard.c:182: too few arguments to function `gperl_new_object'
make: *** [xs/GtkClipboard.o] Error 1

did you rebuild and reinstall Glib from CVS as well?

I have to admit the build was in a bit of a mess as I was trying to work out how to build it.

I deleted the whole directory and then reloaded from CVS, rebuilt Glib and Gtk2 directories and now my Gtk2::Entry gets an activate signal without the annoying error message. Phew. Thanks.


Sadly I also tried to upgrade to the latest Gtk libraries to satisfy a dependancy in the gtk2-perl-xs/Gnome directory and I appear to have broken lots of other things. At the very least the widgets coming up from by perl script look a lot different. <sigh> You change too many things at once to try and solve a problem and end up far worse off. Looks like a tedious backtracking of my changes is in order. Will I ever learn?

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