Re: Wierd error when activating an Entry

Alex Ward said:
Hmm, this was a cut and paste error but it does point to a difficulty I'm
having working out what the GTK2-perl API is.  Should I just look at the
regular C GTK2 API and trust that all the perl bindings do is call out
faithfully to the C code?  What do people do?

as a general rule that should be true. with a few obvious exceptions like
changing pass by reference return values to multiple return values (since it's
more perlish). the best thing to do is

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper( $object->call_that_you_think_might_return_some_stuff );

in time the api differences will be documented in pod, but that likely won't
happen until most of the code is written and stable.

so in short go by the c docs, the differences between them and the perl
wrappers will quickly become obvious, and where they're not it will eventually
be documented, for now resort to the list (or perhaps look at the code, it's a
good way to learn what's going on, and we try to comment things that are
special) if you can't make sense of something both muppet and myself who are
the primary authors of gtk-perl-xs wrappers (in that order) check mail nearly
constantly and will be able to answer most any question you have.

btw. i would highly suggest working off of cvs at this point as bug fixes are
nearly constant and we do everything possible to keep it working. it's
probably not been totally broken for more than an hour at a time.

on a side note i'm really glad to see so much traffic and so many questions
across this list as that means people are using the stuff. the only way we'll
even being to track down all of the issue is for people to run across them and
tell us, as any one person's use of the gtk2-perl-xs is pretty limited it will
take everybody using to to exercise the whole library.

sorry for the verbose-ness and random rambling, i'm apparently in a
hyper-n-talkative mood today.


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