Re: Wierd error when activating an Entry

From: "muppet" <scott asofyet org>

nope, not you.  fixed in CVS.

That's service, thanks muppet. I guess I'll just patch my code for now as I have no idea how this CVS stuff works.

>     $new_query_name_entry->signal_connect(activate => sub { print
> "clicked\n"; 1});

incidentally, the "1" at the end of your callback is not necessary, because
the "activate" signal has a return type of (void).

Hmm, this was a cut and paste error but it does point to a difficulty I'm having working out what the GTK2-perl API is. Should I just look at the regular C GTK2 API and trust that all the perl bindings do is call out faithfully to the C code? What do people do?


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