Re: [gtk2-perl-xs] Setting a cursor on a label

JörnReder said:
Jörn Reder wrote:

Aaah, I like talking to myself ;)

innit fun?

I got it. I set


which also changes the mouse pointer (to a text cursor), and obviously
my own cursor setting is ignored due to it. Any idea how I can set my
own cursor on a selectable label widget?

when you have selectable true, the label has its own window.  the event box is
now unnecessary.  according to the source, the cursor is set immediately after
the window is created, and the cursor to which it's set is hard-coded.  the
window gets created when you set_selectable(1) after the widget is realized,
or when the widget is realized if it's already selectable.

so, make sure you set_selectable(1) before the widget is realized, and change
the cursor in the realize handler.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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