Re: [gtk2-perl-xs] Setting a cursor on a label

"muppet" wrote:

the GdkWindow needs a parent!  add the event box to a container before you try
to realize it.

Ok, indeed that was a problem. The container, I added the eventbox to, 
was added to its parent later, so when I tried to realize the eventbox,
it wasn't connected to a toplevel window. I changed that and now dont't
get any warnings or crashes, but the cursor simply doesn't show up...

the realize doesn't work unless the widget has a parent, and the cursor won't
show up unless the window was realized before setting the cursor.

I think I meet these conditions, but it still doesn't work. It's 
diffciult to post example code, the layout is somewhat more complex than
just a label in a toplevel window ;) Anyhow an idea what else could be 
the problem?



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