[gtk2-perl-xs] Reorderable TreeView


is anybody here who successfully uses a reorderable TreeView? Things 
should be easy:


  $tree_view->get_model->signal_connect ('rows-reordered', sub {
    my ($model, $path, $iter) = @_;
  } );

but this signal is never emitted. Instead the model receives these three

  row-inserted   (with $path and $iter pointing to the new location
                  of the row, but $model->get ($iter, 0) returns undef)

  row-changed    (with $path and $iter pointing to the new location
                  of the row, and $model->get ($iter, 0) returning
                  proper data)

  row-deleted    (with $path of the old location of the row, and $iter

Ok, this makes sense - somewhat ;). Reordering can be mapped to these 
three operations, but if you want to track the reordering in the 
underlying data structure, that's very suboptimal ;) Using the 
'rows-reordered' signal, as documented, would be much more reasonable.

Why is no 'rows-reordered' signal emitted? A bug in the Gtk2 C library /
documentation, or in the Perl bindings, or is it just me again? ;)

I'm using a recent gtk2-perl-xs CVS version (updated & compiled a few 
minutes ago) and Gtk 2.2.1.



Joern Reder
Development Head ZYN! Coding Division - http://www.zyn.de/

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