Re: [gtk-perl-xs] A bug with CellRenderer?

"muppet" wrote:

  $tree->add_column ( $column );

i presume pseudocode...  append_column is what you want.  (took me a minute to
find it, myself.)

Yep, sure - typed this into my mailer without running Perl to verify it

  $ctext = Gtk2::CellRendererText->new;
  $ctext->set ( weight => 'bold' );

you'd like to think that, wouldn't you?  but no!  you are thwarted by the gtk
type system!

according to the docs for GtkCellRendererText, the weight property is

  "weight" (gint: Read/Write)

gint!  not PangoWeight! this means that you can't use the built-in enum
conversion stuff, which means that 'bold', the obvious string, is completely

Ok, I got tricked by the 'style' property, but I understand the 

i, for one, don't really like that solution, because now you carry that to
every file.  the next option is to define these as constants in the Pango
module, but you'd have to refer to them with a package name (or export them,
which i would rather not do), a la Gtk2::Pango->SCALE.

Either this, or constants exported by Gtk2::Pango, controlled via 
EXPORT_OK (as suggested by Ross already). Defining such constants on the
application level is wrong, at any rate.



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