Re: Gtk2::Gdk::Atom questions

René Seindal said:
I'm rather blank when it comes to XS code, but I an see the basic type is
defined, but there are no methods.

I stumbled over this when working with dnd callbacks where there are several
possible types of data in play.  The types are given by Atoms, but I cannot
even compare two to see if they are the same.

hmm.  you aren't good at XS, but you know how to use Atoms.

i can churn out XS like nobody's business, but i know anothing about using Atoms.


if you'll tell me what's expected of the interface and give me some example
code to port and make work, i think we can get what you want and need.  that
goes for  anybody who wants to chime in.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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