Re: GtkSpell problems

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 15:13, Renà Seindal wrote:
It indicates all numbers as misspelled.  I have no idea about how to
change that.  It is a major nuisance.

When right-clicking on a word, I have the option of adding the word to
the dictionary, but the addition is not persistent.  The next time I
open the document, the words are indicated as misspelled again.  How do
I get it to save these additions to a user specific dictionary.

I've been distracted with other projects for a while (it looks like I
made the last release almost exactly a half year ago), so there are a
number of GtkSpell bugs piling up that I ought to get to.  I'll add
these to the list.

If anyone is interested in a project to hack, feel free to email me or
the gtkspell-devel list (see  :)

      Evan Martin
martine cs washington edu

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