Re: GtkTextView->get_iter_at_location bug or user error?

On Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at 05:27  PM, Beanz wrote:

Usage: Gtk2::TextView::get_iter_at_location(text_view, iter, x, y) at ...

i played around with it a bit, and with the minor fix i just committed to cvs, this code:

$view1->signal_connect (button_release_event => sub {
        my ($textview, $event) = @_;
my @coords = $textview->window_to_buffer_coords ('text', $event->coords);
        my $iter = $textview->get_iter_at_location (@coords);
        $iter->backward_word_starts (1);
        $iter_end = $iter->copy;
        $iter_end->forward_word_ends (1);
        print "clicked on '"
            . $textview->get_buffer->get_text ($iter, $iter_end, 1)
            . "'\n";

prints out the word you clicked on. quite cool. note the important call to window_to_buffer_coords --- without that, it always thinks you're scrolled to the top.

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