invalid utf8 string to pango

Hi there!

I have a working I18N-ed application using Glade-perl! It was very easy
to get it work, it wasn't even needed to change my code (just a little

But now, I run into a little problem according the character encoding.
I try to use a locale (hu_HU) what's default encoding is latin-2. But
when I pass an utf8 string to glade, (according to my
inspection) somewhere it converts it to my locale's default encoding
(latin-2) before passing it to pango, therefore pango sends me to warmer
climate with the following message:

WARNING **: Invalid UTF8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()

The messages, which I don't send through Glade (eg. Column Labels), were
fine, shown in the right way, and also the debug messages on the console
were right.

Ok, no problem, let's try LC_ALL=hu_HU.utf8.
Now the Glade labels are fine, but the labels coming from the code were
in utf8 in the window, and in the debug shell, too, so probably this is
not the right way, to workaround this problem :-(...


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