Re: Bug in CellRenderText?

muppet said:
so, we will indeed have to turn off the croaks on these functions in
the stable code...  but the warnings need to stay behind an ifdef so we
can spot stuff in development.  however, don't put them behind NOISY
--- use something like STRICT_NULL.  NOISY turns on *tons* of debugging
prints that will swamp out the one or two messages about NULL pointers
getting into the wrapper functions.  at one point, i even wrote a log
analyzer that parses the output of the NOISY messages and checks for
memory leaks, out-of-order destruction, etc.

that's fine by me. you want to change the two or do you want me to.

the question still remains about whether they should be warn'ss or carp's.
those two are probably less important since they're going to be #ifdef'd out
normally and if you def them in you'll know enough to figure out what's going
on. from a bug reportting end user (or programmer anyway) standpoint should
those warn's be carp's so that they get pointed to the line of perl code that
they wrote that lead to the problem. it might make for easier problem location
and reporting, provided that it works as desired.


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