Re: [Gtk-Perl] Gtk2::SimpleList

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 14:51, muppet wrote:
$ldata->[0][1] would return 'one'

i think that should be [0][0]...

yes it should. i was getting really hungry and didn't even read back
over the message before i sent it. 

it also will keep up with updates, i.e. when the bool's change.

actually, i think it only keeps up with changing of bools.  you'll have 
to use normal treeview tricks to get editable cells.

that it keeps up with bool's was all i was trying to say. there's a todo
at the top of the module code about looking into editable text cells.

things that are broken and/or yet to come:

- scalar column type, doesn't work. i think there's a problem when the
text cell render tries to grab it's source, the scalar, it doesn't seem
to know what to do with a GPerlSV. 

- fetching an empty column, one that should be empty, complains:
        gperl_new_object (NULL) => undef at
/home/rmcfarla/lib/gtk2-perl-xs/Gtk2/blib/lib/Gtk2/ line
to invoke this put '$pixbuf = undef;' at line 58 (i think, it's the one
right in front of the initial array assignment) of t/19.GtkSimpleList.t

- get selected_index, select_index, and other such sundries (these would
be great things to look at doing for those of you who's domain is perl
alone, and not xs, but would like to chip in) 

- lots more, ideas welcome...

i'm going to look at writing an example app and then doc'ing the
Gtk2::SimpleList module when i work on things again. after that i'll
look at the above items. muppet, or anyone else, is welcome to track
those down.

personally i think this (and these kind of things) will be the biggest
selling points of Gtk2-Perl. the list tree model stuff is a pain in the
ass by hand. it doesn't get too much simpler than this.


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