Re: [Gtk-Perl] Gtk2::SimpleList

On Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 01:20  PM, Ross McFarland wrote:

$list = Gtk2::SimpleList->new(
'Column One'    => 'text',
'Column Two'    => 'int',
'Column Three' => 'bool',

that's column title => datatype nickname... you can turn off display of the titles or otherwise manipulate the headings through the normal treeview methods.

# in general you can use @$ldata or what i pointed it to,
@{$list->{data}}, as an array.

incidentally, when you set all the data in one go, you have to use it as a real array, not an array reference --- otherwise, you overwrite the tied object. (i haven't messed ties enough to know standard practice, could anyone illuminate me?)

$ldata->[0][1] would return 'one'

i think that should be [0][0]...

you can also do

@$ldata = qw/foo bar baz/;

to set just the zeroth columns of the rows --- allowing you do to fun things like add single-column listboxes to dialogs with very little code:

  $dlg = Gtk2::Dialog->new (...);
  $dlg->vbox->pack_start (Gtk2::Label->new ('pick a fish...', 0,0,0);
  $list = Gtk2::SimpleList->new ('' => 'string');
  $list->set_columns_visible (0);
  $dlg->vbox->pack_start ($list, 0, 0, 0);
  @{ $list->{data} } = qw/one two red blue/;

what it doesn't yet have is a way to tell what was selected --- but the SimpleList inherits the TreeView, so you could conceivably do

  my ($model,$iter) = $list->get_selection->get_selected;
  $selected = $model->get ($iter, 0);

but i'd really prefer something like

  $selindex = $list->get_selected_index;
  $selected = $list->{data}[$selindex][0];

but i think we need to put more thought into than that.

it also will keep up with updates, i.e. when the bool's change.

actually, i think it only keeps up with changing of bools. you'll have to use normal treeview tricks to get editable cells.

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