Re: searching gtk2-perl irc client.....

There's a distinct lack of decent VT terminal widget for GTK2 (and hence
gtkperl2), gnome moved away from the awsome ZVT widget. I've been toying
around with writing an interface to it, but my foo with .xs sucks, and
i've not really had time :(

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Bruno Boettcher wrote:


i was wondering if there was allready something ready to use, i need the
equivalence of a irc gui...

means some widgets where you push some text split in origin and data,
  like nickname and line issued by that nickname, that should be aligned
  but ideally in a vertically tabbed pane. Something where you push data
  from the bottom and throw old data out when a buffer size is
  reached... the column with the origins should move up in synch and
  aligned with the ocrresponding data on the data pane....

  that's for the display, then i could need a input field with an
  attached shell....

  if that sort of stuff could allready exist as widget that would be
  really cool :D

  i take everything, also hints on how to put this together....

ciao bboett
bboett adlp org
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