How to save TextView data to file?

Trying to write a small notepad app.  Data has been read in from
a file and edited. How can the text buffer be saved back to a file? 

(been reading GTK+ Reference Manual but misunderstanding something)

my $text_view = Gtk2::TextView->new;
my $text_buffer = $text_view->get_buffer;
my $iter = $text_buffer->get_iter_at_offset(0);

while (<IN>) {
        $text_buffer->insert($iter, $_);
..<save key pressed> ...
open (OUT,">output");
$iter = $text_buffer->get_iter_at_offset(0);
print(OUT $text_buffer->get_text(1,20,FALSE));


(using Szilveszter's latest debs)
bash-2.05b$ ./textview
expected a blessed reference at ./textview line 70, <IN> line 3.

Thank you.


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