Gtk2::Gdk->ROOT_WINDOW problems

I'm attempting to convert a python gtk2 library to gtk2-perl, and have
come across a stumbling block. I *was* using gtk2-perl 0.12, and the
following was valid:

    $root = Gtk2::Gdk->ROOT_WINDOW;

However, I have now 'upgraded' to gtk2-perl 0.90, and the same statement
generates the following error:

    Can't locate object method "ROOT_WINDOW" via package "Gtk2::Gdk"

I've looked through the xs/ tree, and GdkX11.xs supposedly defines this

Any thoughts? I'd like to be able to use this, as it allows me to get
the position of the pointer ($root->get_pointer();). If there's another
way to get the position of the pointer, I can use that as well.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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