Re: Hm. ItemFactory vs. gtk2-perl 0.90 ? :)

Brett Kosinski said:
i don't think that both should supported either. but the thing is that
developpers will look for example/tutorials as to how to use itemfactory
and will most probably fall on the gtk-1.2 example which, to our regret,
make use of "type".

Is there a reason someone doesn't just add a little code to the bindings
which checks if there is an "item" entry in the passed in parameter hash,
and if so, dumps out a warning indicating that the "item" parameter is

i'm not opposed to this, but if this is the case it would be best to complain
on any unknown hash value, which would change the code that's in there as of
right now, make things slightly less efficient, but in the end perhaps be the
best solution. i was headed in this direction myself. i'll mull it over a
little longer, if i end up liking the idea that will probably be what happens.


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