Re: Hm. ItemFactory vs. gtk2-perl 0.90 ? :)

 --- Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> a écrit : 
i didn't even catch that part myself.

hehe ;)
there is no absolute reason that both item and item_type could be used. i
really don't like the idea of allowing both, but should it be the nearly
unamous opinoin of this list then i guess i could do it. did i mention that i
really really don't like the idea of it. reguardless mark this as something
that needs documenting somewhere as this isn't the first time it's come up.

i don't think that both should supported either. but the thing is that developpers will look for
example/tutorials as to how to use itemfactory and will most probably fall on the gtk-1.2 example
which, to our regret, make use of "type".

that's the price of changing something, i don't think that should stop us from doing so.

wut do you think ?


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