Re: Gtk2::SimpleList

Gavin Brown said:
Basically this is an RFC - I'd like to get an idea of how people want to
use/are using Gtk2 lists and how closely this might meet their needs.

i would use them more if they weren't such a pain, so i am excited about your

how about Tie'ing the perl representation (an array for a GtkListStore, maybe
a hash for a GtkTreeStore) to the underlying GtkTreeModel, so that you don't
maintain two structures?  the perl variable would always be up to date,
because FETCH would call $treemodel->get and STORE would call $treemodel->set.

well, the tree thing might be problematic because of the undefined order for
hash elements, even though the underlying structure would preserve the order. 
just an idea.

this may make more sense implemented as another type of model...  i dunno.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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