message dialog?


i am trying ot get onto the ML but so far i didn't get the ticket, so
please add a CC to me directly please.

i am running on a linux debian unstable box if that changes anything...

i have to say that i am new to perl-gtk and new to gtk also....

i am trying to double my curses shell with a graphical frontend,
  comparing perl tk and perl gtk, i took perl-gtk...
in case you are wondering what i am trying to do:

so far for the introduction....

up to now i somehow managed to build up that thing, but now i am
blocking at the creation of a simple about box....

looking up the gtk docu (which BTW could take some serious lessons from,
    e.g. the java-docu..) i found a thing called GtkMessageDialog due to
the lack of perl-gtk docu i wasn't able to build this up....

i tryed several ways and namings but this thing seems unknown in
perl-gtk? does someone has an example script of that type of popup box?

looking through the (scarce) docu i found, there's an example script
using a Gnome::MessageBox to achieve this... first time i stumbled
accross this gnome:: stuff, what's that exactly? where do i find docus?
should i use that instead of gtk? what are the advantages/shortcomings?

and whilst i am at it.... my app builds up a gtk table. Each line has
several active fields (attached signal handlers...). On refreshes i
would like eventually to remove lines and shift up the rest... but as i
looked at it, it will be much simpler to destroy the whole thing, and
rebuild it, unless i overlooked something?

for another program i have i thought of doing too a GUI, but there a
tabbed pane would be nice, does there such a widget allready exist ?

ciao bboett
bboett adlp org

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