Re: [REGRESSION] children_iter does not return any valid iterator

(possibly) noteworthy changes just commited:

* t/00.Gtk2.t: more thorough testing, init_add, quit_add, quit_add_remove.

* t/01.GtkWindow.t: much more thorough testing, but not complete.
general re-org.

* t/02.GtkButton.t: pretty nearly complete testing

* xs/Gtk2.xs: implemented first pass at init_add, quit_add, and

* xs/GtkWindow.xs: title defaults to NULL is set_title. get_icon is
allowed (and does) reuturn NULL when there are no icons associated with
the window, api doc doesn't mention this. window_list_toplevels

does anyone out there use Gtk2->init_add and/or Gtk2->quit_add?

the tests are pretty complicated in some cases, but the should work as
pretty complete examples of how to use most any function for the tested
widget. that's half the reason i'm making such complete tests. the other
half is that it will flesh out lots of bugs in the wrappers, as it
already has.

i'm keeping a list of the functions that can't be tested for one reason
or another and eventually they probably will be in other ways. i'm
trying to test things in order of the widget tree so that problems with
window won't cause button to fail etc. for example some of what isn't
implemented in gtk_window_ functions can't be tested unless there's
widgets in the window. so at some point there will probably be a
xx.GtkWindow.t file that tests the other parts of GtkWindow that rely on
other widgets. hopefully you can make sense of this paragraph b/c i'm
not sure i can :-) 


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