Re: [REGRESSION] children_iter does not return any valid iterator

"muppet" <scott asofyet org> writes:

unlike gtk2-perl inline tree, i failled to get a valid iter from

this is a shot in the dark, because i'm largely clueless about the
treemodel stuff, but...

try replacing GtkTreeIter_own_ornull with GtkTreeIter_copy on the
return type of gtk_tree_model_iter_children in GtkTreeModel.xs.

that's it!

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thanks holly muppet :-)

(list re-cc-ed if someone needs the fix before it get commited)

i suspect you're getting stack garbage, because there is no
dynamically allocated copy there, but the wrapper attempts to take
ownership of it anyway.  theoretically, you should've been seeing a
segfault.  :-S

well, the diff i'd done for drakfloppy were mainly to avoid eating all
cpu which can means perl tried to segfault but some eval prevent it to
doing so...

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