FWD: Re: GtkText -> GtkTextView ?

forgot to CC the list...

Pascal writes:
With GtkText i used the GtkEditable methods : delete_text(), get_length() an$
What am i suppose to do with GtkTextView ? I've to use the buffer ?

Is GtkTextView really what i should use as a replacement ?

Yes, you have to use the buffer. All the work happens in the buffer,
and TextView is just a "window" to it.

Try something like:
my $text_view = Gtk2::TextView->new;
my $text_buffer = $text_view->get_buffer;
my $iter = $text_buffer->get_iter_at_offset(0);
$text_view->set_wrap_mode ('word');
$text_view->set_editable( FALSE );
$text_view->set_cursor_visible( FALSE );

$text_buffer->insert($iter, "Some Text To Display\n");

The docs at http://gtk.org actually translate to perl well for
GtkText*. Check this section:

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